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Asylum downs Leviathan Extreme!

Also a few other updates...

Our flagship raid group is almost done rebuilding. With Data Mine coming back we only have 1 spot to fill. We've spent a couple hours on T6 and have gotten to the 2nd phase a few times, just need more practice with less PuG.

Rags group has been farming Turns 1-4 and knocking out the Primals to gear everyone up and will be making attempts on Turn 5 soon.

We've been helping Rhoe's group move from casual into a more progression group. 1 Shotting Caduceus & only 3 attempts on ADS (the non-lame way) to get him down. A little more practice on turn 4 and you guys will be good. She's still looking for an OT and Black Mage to fill the group.

Is that all for now? Anything else I should mention?.. Oh.. Yea I suppose that's worth mentioning.
We bought a House!!!
It's a small one and is only temporary. It was only a couple mil and we're hoping to make that back plus lots more using the Gardening. Hopefully we can get the crops we need but that aside, it's still there for everyone to enjoy. We're in The Goblet (Ul'dah), Ward 4, Plot 9. You can teleport directly to the front door for a very small fee. Right outside the house is a Summoning Bell & Market Board, inside is a Repair Vendor and Material Vendor that sells "most" of the low level crafting mats.

If you'd like to help with Gardening, you can use "Fishmeal" as fertilizer every hour to make them grow faster and they need to be tended a few times a day. Also if you have a Gatherer leveled up, we are in need of Seeds and Soil. Currently we're after Thanalan Grade 3 Topsoil or La Nocean Grade 3 Topsoil. For seeds we need: Milioncorn Seeds, Pixie Plum Seeds, Apricot Kernals, Dzemael Tomato Seeds, Prickly Pineapple Seeds & Honey Lemon Seeds. If you get a hold of any of those please toss them in the FC chest.

We're still looking to buy a large plot so any donations you can make are still greatly appreciated!

Information and the Trailer for the new patch is here!

Some very exciting things are coming:
- New Primal Leviathan
- Good King Moggle Mog (Extreme)
- Coil of Bahamut Turns 6 thru 9
- New Dungeons:
The Lost City of Amdapor (Diabolos!)
Halatali (Hard)
Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)
- 2 New Beast Tribe Factions (Sahagin & Kobold)
- New Side Story Quests (Hildibrand & Gilga....)
- New Main Scenario Quests
- Vanity System (Glamours)
- Gardening for our FC Hous... Oh we need to hurry up and get that! Almost there!!!
and lots more!

We had several people that had never been into the Binding Coil of Bahamut until today.

Our first attempts with the casual group was pretty good. We streamed the event.

This is the video for the entrance ADS kill:

[Adv] Empathy Star Nice work all. Hope I am there for the nest one, I'm still working on Unlocking it, will probably take some time as I'm ...
Square-Enix is having a Free Company Recruitment Contest. I'm not very computer savy and haven't really done much video editing but hopefully I did good enough for us to win!
Thank You everyone that helped with the creation of this.

Asylum's First FC Event

[GM] Duco a posted Jan 10, 14
I don't think any of the other groups recorded their event but I made sure to record ours. This is from Duco's group.

[Adv] Empathy Star This was my 1st FC event, very well put together but i was stumped on every clue I mainly followed the team I hope this ...
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2.2 is here and it's great to see so many faces in the FC back online, Lets do this!
Had a great time running new dungeons with thr FC last night. Was great seeing so many people online last night :)
No we're definately still recruiting. It's just died down because of the low activity on the server.
Have we stopped recruiting at the moment?
Thx Duco
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